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Product name : Laser Fog Lamp for Car
Item : JH-JG666
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 Laser Fog Lamp JH-JG666 for Car

Haze is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, along with the increasing environmental pollution and worsening, it lasts longer and longer. And in the rainny and foggy weather,the field of view is week, it is also easily to appear traffic accidents. Through installation of a red laser transmitter in the rear of the vehicle, the latest developed laser fog lamp can project a laser beam onto the ground in the rainny and foggy weather, and this laser beam is with stronger penetration and thus much easier to be found than the traditional fog lamp can do. Because of this, it can remind the back vehicles to keep safe distances and avoid the unnecessary traffic accidents. The laser beam of this laser fog lamp projects to the ground with a certain angle to make sure that it won’t towards people’s eyes. And in the sunny days, when you turn on this lamp, you can only see a red line on the ground and there’s no need for you to worry about the light shielding the license plate.

Main Functions of the Light:
1.To effectively remind the back vehicles to keep safe distances to avoid accidents in the weak weathers like rainy, foggy, snowy and dust storm days;
2.To provide more striking vehicle location warning and turn indications;
3.It can also works as the auxiliary line for the green hand when back in the stall parking.

Installation Instructions:
Rip off the double-sided adhesive tape and put it to the middle top of the rear license plate, connect the wire in parallel to 
to the license plate lamp, the rear fog lights, brake lights and the hazard warning light circuit,etc.

and then open the fog lamp, adjust the angle of the laser projection and make sure it project towards the ground and then tighten the screws. 

Attentions for Installation:
1.Don’t project the laser beam towards your eyes during installation;
2.Don’t cover the license plate;
3.It is only suitable for 12V~24V vehicles. 


1.Product Name:

Vehicle Laser Fog Lamp

2.Work Temp.


3.Model No.


4.Work Voltage


5.Laser Wavelength:


6.The Resistance Temp. for Adhesive:


7.Power of the Laser:


8.Adjustable Angles:

Up/Down±90 Degrees

9.Laser Safety Level:


10.Waterproof Level:


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